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Re: setup.exe sizes openldap-2-2-15

Max Bowsher schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
Max Bowsher schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
Using gettext would be fine but we must link everything statically, and
I doubt that is worth the effort to put the mo's into the exe as some
data ressource, dump it at start to some dirs and use it then. Can
gettext() use internals ressources? Can it use some kind of
MapViewOfFile handle, which points some some location inside the exe?
If not the MS solution is by far better.

But what concerns me really is the download size. 270kb is fine, but now
with 800kb I'm concerned.

An argument for demand-downloaded .mo files, then?

An argument for simply adding the translations to res.rc as localized STRINGTABLES. That doesn't extract the strings from the source code automatically, but most of our strings are in the rc anyway.

I'm not so sure that "most" is accurate.

Also, I've been planning to get rid of the string tables and start putting the strings back into the code, to make the code more readable. I really dislike this #defined constant scheme we partially have now. Practically the entirety of setup recompiles just because you add a new string!

Yes, this is a huge problem. Hmm.

But I want first only think about the new missing feature ("Replaces:") for coreutils (which replaces 3 other packages) and bugs
(iniparser? overlong strings and columns, proper resizing), and later about adding new stuff, like i18n support, mingw-bzip2 integration, tty detection (--help > stdout), or the persistent prefs.

But before that I have to hunt down a suspected bug in cygserver.
While I'm writing this, the latest postgresql always fails with more than two concurrent connections. Last month it took up to 50.
Reini Urban

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