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Re: Bug tracking services?

On 2004-10-27T19:19+0100, Max Bowsher wrote:
) Daniel Reed wrote:
) > Can we use this to submit new packages, updates, etc. as RFEs against
) > either
) > a "distribution" component or the existing "Cygwin Applications"
) > component?
) Bugzilla's value is the structured persistence of information for when tasks
) cannot be conveniently completed in one session in front of the computer. I
) don't see an advantage to using it where this is not required.

For new packages, we have a lot of state to track.  Package-specific
information like descriptions, download URLs, etc.; distribution-specific
information like votes, packaging problems and reviews, functionality
reviews; misc. rhetoric on the merits of including a non-ubiquitous package
in the distribution.

In the past, I have tried to maintain a lot of this information in one
central location, to periodically publish to the list. However, our
packaging maintenance grew faster than our infrastructure, and the process
of manually extracting information from mailing list traffic to put into a
data base, only to later be re-presented to the mailing list, no longer
makes sense.

Updates might not have a definite need to be put into a long-term
state-tracking system like Bugzilla, but I feel it would be beneficial to
track new packages in such a system, and it might make sense to have all
package-upload-relateted information kept in the same place (accessible by
the same scripts).

Daniel Reed <>
What makes a man great? A man may be great in his aims, or in his
achievements, or in both, but I think that man is truly great who makes
the world his debtor... who does something for the world which the world
needs and which nobody before him has done or known how to do. -- Rupert
Gould [Longitude]

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