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Re: [ITP] bashdb, bash_completion

Max Bowsher schrieb:

Reini Urban wrote:

Max Bowsher schrieb:

Reini Urban wrote:

Christopher Faylor schrieb:

I read your email. I guess my mind boggled at the concept that anyone
would be so..., er, bold as to assume that they could trump someone
package by using the name "bash.exe" when there is already an extremely
well-known package which uses that name.

As I said. Work this out with Ronald.

And please don't send any more "ITPs" which wipe out other parts of
people's packages.

Why not?

The current setup.exe infrastructure doesn't provide for elegant
handling of multiple packages providing the same file. The name
"/bin/bash.exe" belongs to the bash package. It is therefore NOT
available for a bashdb package to use. End of story.

Ok, I reject hereby my bash-2.50b-rebash and bashdb proposal.
Technical arguments are always the golden hammer.

Why not just use the name "/bin/bashdb-bash.exe" (or similar) instead?

I'll try, but I doubt...
I suspect that all the external subshells respect the shebang, and since on most other platforms /bin/sh is /bin/bash, this will automatically have the bashdb extension included then. Not so for us.

I'll talk to Rocky if he will want to support a shebang replacer upstream. Probably not because it's a non-issue for him.

I mostly need it for libtool debugging, and I could just change the --debug flag for libtool. This would make a /bin/bashdb-bash.exe comfortable.
Reini Urban

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