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Re: GNOME progress report (with screenshot!)

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
| I have usable binaries at my home box, point setup.exe to
| to install needed packages.

These are the same as before; maybe you missed my earlier messages.  I
repackaged 6 libraries for you (libbonobo2, GConf2, gnome-vfs2,
libgnome2, libbonoboui2, libgnomeui2); you can download them at:

Those were packaged before I discovered the bonobo patches
~ were needed, so they're not quite ready.

In addition, I have there gnome-keyring, libgnomeprint22, and
libgnomeprintui22 which I'm ready to propose.

| I'll take the build order list of needed packages and start now
| finalizing the packages not yet finished by you or me and upload
| everything step by step.

So what would you like me to do now?

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