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Re: GNOME progress report (with screenshot!)

> From: Yaakov Selkowitz <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: GNOME progress report (with screenshot!)
>  1) gconfd-2 will start up from scratch properly ONLY if the previous
>  locks are removed, which has to be done manually.  Once started
>  properly, it will continue to run until it's shut down.  'gconftool-2
>  - --shutdown' DOES work now.
Glad to hear that!  But the file lock is still an problem.  I noticed that
in Steven's Cygwin GNOME 1.4 he had to remove all the lock before
gnome-session in the startup script startgnome. But how to deal with
it when launching a gnome application seperately?

>  5) Floppy disk polling while running the desktop:  I'd look at either
>  nautilus or gnome-vfs-daemon; I'm pretty sure one of the two is the
>  source of that problem.
We got this problem in cygnome2. Every time nautilus calls getmntent()
to read the mount table, cygwin would try to scan floppy (just as comman
 `mount' would do). At last I had to modified nautilus-volume-monitor.c
to let get_mount_list to return NULL, in nautilus-2.4.2.

Yang Guilong

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