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Re: setup.exe sizes

Max Bowsher schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
I started to beautify setup.exe, because I don't want to resize it
everytime manually.

* Is it ok to assume a new size 517, 379 instead of 317, 179?
(simply add 200)
Unfortunately most of the rc entries are hardcoded and are not
calculated at init. I'd prefer to calc them at init and place the
ressources then relatively from left, up, right and bottom, but this
looks like a lot of work.
I've read that 640x480 screensize should be default and the upper limit.

If setup is still usable on a 640x480 screen after your modifications, then I'll be glad to commit them.

There are still some aesthetics issues and some technical ones,
then I'll post the patch. announced it's change surprisingly fast, so at first I have to catch up with my project.

* PickView::init_headers()
Better initial propsheet "Current" headers.width, which is awfully
incorrect. There's still some major miscalculation.
Have to step through PickView::init_headers()

Are you asking a question? Reporting a bug? Saying you might have a patch later?

All three of them :)
The question is:
Is this assumption correct or is there another hidden mis-calculation somewhere. Or some analysis by robert why it's broken now? Or did it break with Frank Richter's resizable stuff?
Reini Urban

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