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[ITP] bashdb, bash_completion

I want to contribute and maintain bash-2.05b-rebash-0.43, also known as bashdb, formerly known as bash-2.05b-debugger-0.x
It will replace /bin/bash.exe
It's essentially our existing bash-2.05b-16 with all the previous cygwin patches applied (most of them are already applied upstream), plus the debugger extension. No PID reuse patch.

The only problem with this package is how to name it. Debian and some others name it "bashdb", the upstream maintainer decided now to rename it from bash-2.05b-debugger to bash-2.05b-rebash, maybe because it fits well to his other make debugging extension, which is named remake.
To show that's a full bash which replaces bash (with just some debugger patches) I keep that name bash-2.05b-rebash-<ver>.
And bash-3 will include bashdb. Well hopefully. At least on debian it's included, but I dont want to wait any longer for bash-3.
Then (in some years) we can drop it and no disturbing bashdb package name is in ZZZRemovedPackages, because bashdb is included then.
But contrary to upstream I named the package "bash-2.05b-rebash", and the version "0.43". Upstream and in the binary it is divided into "bash-2.05b" and the version is "rebash-0.43". If you don't like that it can also be named bash-2.05b with version rebash-0.43. But then it should be maintained by the bash-2.05b maintainer (which he will most likely not do), and it will conflict with our prev, curr, test handling in setup.hint.

I successfully debugged some bashdb build script problems with bashdb, some kind of bootstrapping. Also some ~/.profile errors have been found. The debugger extension doesn't yet allows make check in a seperate build dir, but make and make install works fine from .build. All tests which also fail on bash-2.05b-16 fail here also. And make check in the topdir pass all debugger tests.

  bashdb is listed at the bash page as binary package available,
  but there's no page setup yet.


I also want to contribute and maintain bash_completion.
The exactly same version is also officially included with the debian version of bash-3.0.
When the upstream bash maintainer decides to include it, it will be dropped, but until then it's nice to have. And it is also good to have as seperate package.
This is pretty stable and works fine for some time now. Minor cygwin fixes sent upstream but no reaction since a week.

Reini Urban

sdesc: "bashdb - Bash Debugger"
ldesc: "The BASH Debugger provides a patched BASH that enables better
debugging support, improved error reporting and a source code debugger."
category: Shells
requires: cygwin
sdesc: "Add programmable completions to bash"
ldesc: "Since v2.04, bash has allowed you to intelligently program and
extend its standard completion behavior to achieve complex command
lines with just a few keystrokes. Imagine typing ssh [Tab] and being
able to complete on hosts from your ~/.ssh/known_hosts files. Or
typing man 3 str [Tab] and getting a list of all string handling
functions in the UNIX manual. mount system: [Tab] would complete on
all exported file-systems from the host called system, while make
[Tab] would complete on all targets in Makefile. This project was
conceived to produce programmable completion routines for the most
common Linux/UNIX commands, reducing the amount of typing sysadmins
and programmers need to do on a daily basis. Will be included in bash-3."
category: Shells
requires: bash cygwin

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