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Re: bash 3

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak schrieb:
Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
What are the plans to have bash 3 on Cygwin?

I've compiled it and rolled up a package as soon as it was released, but I haven't had time to test it yet - at all. In any case, it will be released as a test package first, but only when I've had at least a chance to test it on the one Windows machine I have at my disposal.

What about the debugger?

He renamed it now to rebash, has most of the CYGWIN fixes in.
My bash-2.05b-rebash-0.43-1.patch is 5KB, opposed to the 640KB patch for 2.05b-16.
Just the pid reuse problem is not yet applied.
3.0 is far away for me.

Should I propose it as "bashdb"? Just some more testing has to be done.
And a way to save and restore the orginal version on request.
Or should I wait for a 3.0 debugger version?

His make debugger also looks cool (remake-3.80+dbg-0.2)

My fixes for the pid reuse problems need to be cleaned
up, but given that bash 3 is on the horizon I am reluctant to sink any more time in the current version.

I've been following the discussion but, regrettably, I really don't have the time at the moment (the problem being, mostly, that when I do have a little time, I only have a Debian Sarge machine.. Things should cool down a bit in the following week or so. If they do, I'll try to release a bash-2.95b with the patch from Corinna that I still have pending and a bash-3.00 with your patch as test.

It also seems worthwhile to issue a new release of the
current bash with my patches (at least a test version).
I have had extra private feedback that they work.

I agree. The thing I want to be sure of, though, is that things like configure scripts etc. still work (I know: they run Ash on Cygwin, but still..) - i.e. that there are no compatibility problems between Bash-2 and Bash-3. Bash is probably the most widely-used Bourne-compatible shell out there, so I'm a bit reluctant to just throw the "latest and greatest" at the Cygwin community without proper testing..
Reini Urban

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