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Re: [Cygnome2-devel] gdk-pixbuf (was Re: gnome 2.8.0 andexternaldependencies)

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 23:07:31 -0400
Yaakov Selkowitz <> wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Yang Guilong wrote:
> | BTW: Yaakov, I tried to build sylpheed-claws with gdk-pixbuf  and
> | gtk-engines from,
> | everything went fine but the `pixmap' engine
> | (/usr/lib/gtk/themes/engines/cygpixmap.dll)
> | couldn't be applied, as it was linked to  cyggdk_imlib-1.dll, which I
> | didn't find.
> Are you still interested in porting sylpheed-claws?  If my gdk-pixbuf
Yes, I'm still interested in it.

If fact, I've got a testing release put on my homepage:

And there're some gtk2-based applications, including gaim-1.0.0, d4x,
beep-media-player, rox etc. All these are built with glib2/gtk2 from cygwin
official release, not the one from cygnome2 (but some need a few other
packages, for example, gaim needs gnutls to make MSN protocol work), 

Those who are interested in could get these by add the following URL into
Cygwin setup.exe's URL list:
You can find these packages in section Contrib.

> port is working, then I'll go ahead and contribute it to the distro.
> I hope you got my last message about imlib (if not, it's on my project
> page); that's the only GTK engine that needs it.  Is that also a prereq
> or were you just experimenting?

Yes. I've got it. But sorry that I didn't show you the result.
I think imlib should be included, as pixmap engine is commonly used in
gtk engines. 

best regards
Yang Guilong

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