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Re: new package submission policy

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 01:07:22PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>Given my recent email about making cygwin packaging more like linux, I'd
>like to propose/announce a change in the package submission policies for
>Corinna and I are eliminating the need to ITP a package if the package
>is included in the latest shipping or beta release of Fedora, Mandrake,
>or Debian.
>The requirements for getting a package into the distribution that is not
>part of one of these releases is raised from the current three (3) to
>five (5) +1 votes.
>Although we've lowered the bar significantly for getting a "standard"
>linux package into cygwin, the requirements of a GTG sanity check of
>a release from a package maintainer are unchanged.  This is still required
>for either type of submission.
>AFAICT, there are at least 60+ package maintainers currently.  Maybe we
>will now need to hear from a couple more of these 60 people if someone
>wants their package to be included.
>It was suggested that we should try to emulate Debian.  I have read the
>Debian constitution and I don't see how trying to emulate Debian would
>be very useful for Cygwin.  It doesn't seem like trying to impose more
>structure on this process is going to make it easier to get a package
>into Cygwin.

Btw, this new policy is only for new package submissions.  Packages still
awaiting votes are unaffected.


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