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RE: [ITP] email-2.3.0

> > Also, given that
> > 
> > arkup
> > states:
> > 
> > "On the other hand, I strongly discourage from porting nail 
> to Windows 
> > and environments that make Windows look Unix-like; I won't 
> accept any 
> > patches or suggestions that go in this direction. There are 
> two major 
> > reasons for this: First, any port makes maintaining harder; 
> there are 
> > always more work-arounds in the source, and introducing new 
> features 
> > involves the question whether they will work an all 
> supported platforms.
> > The more different a platform behaves from, let's say, the 
> common Unix 
> > way, the more hacks have to be made, costing human time that could 
> > otherwise have been used to enhance the software for Unix platforms.
> > Windows is just not worth this, and here we are at the second point:
> > Porting software to Windows encourages people to use -- that is: to 
> > buy
> > -- Windows. It supports a company that is known to threaten Open 
> > Source software like nail. In short, porting nail (or similar free 
> > software) to Windows has an ill effect on that software. 
> Don't do it."
> My general response to arguments like that is:  fuck 'em.  
> I'll port it just to be a thorn in the guys side.
> Harold


Gary R. Van Sickle

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