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Re: don't use AC_FUNC_MMAP, use AC_CHECK_FUNCS(mmap) instead.

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
|> AC_CHECK_FUNCS(mmap) issues this:
|> checking for mmap... yes
|> This is what I will using now for all the GNOME packages, there are
|> several packages affected, so far I know of:
|> - libgtop
|> - gtk+
|> - libgnomeprint
|> - libgsf

Actually, looking again at my libgnomeprint22 package, I already had
manually patched the few places that needed mmap (i.e.
#if defined(HAVE_MMAP) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
) due to build errors.  I'll have to look at libgsf though.

|> I think it just tries to link against the system library and it
|> succeeds, so mmap() is considered to be available.  Fine with me.
|> Using the macro AC_FUNC_MMAP, the test fails and mmap() will not be
|> available.
| BTW, it looks like this in
| case "$host" in
|   *cygwin*)
|     AC_CHECK_FUNCS(mmap)
|     ;;
|   *)
|     ;;
| esac

Thanks for the tip.  But how does that define HAVE_MMAP?  And what about
fixing AC_FUNC_MMAP itself?

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