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Re: libbonobo, GConf, gnome-vfs (was Re: desktop-file-utils, hicolor-icon-theme,shared-mime-info, startup-notification)

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
| Hi Yaakov,
| I'm currently building libgnomeprint because I need them to continue
| with most of the remaining packages, you mentioned that you already have
| them, but I couldn't find them at your two SF sites.  I have also an IMO
| important patch regarding MMAP for libgnomeprint, can you send me your
| libgnomeprint patch?
| And as I saw this problem with mmap last night I thought that I need to
| review all other packages if mmap is used somewhere and enable it even
| if configure tests for mmap are failing.

There was a discussion (last month?) on the cygwin list about the
autoconf mmap test; maybe fixing this in the autotools so that the
configure test works is the proper solution, instead of patching every
package that wants mmap?

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