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Re: desktop-file-utils, hicolor-icon-theme, shared-mime-info, startup-notification

Hi Yaakov,

> Thanks for uploading, but I think you missed the setup.hint for
> gnome-common, could you check and upload again if necessary?


GNOME category:

> | No, I don't think we need it.  Put it in X11 and others?  Or should we
> | request another category again?

> The problem is that some stuff is backend (ORBit2, libbonobo, GConf,
> VFS), some is frontend (GTK, libglade, libgnomecanvas, etc.), some are
> desktop-related (metacity, nautilus, gnome-session), etc.  What we have
> already is very spread out, and some things can't be well categorized
> right now.  I still think we need a GNOME category.

Yes, sounds reasonable to me.  Ask the maintainer...


> | It was a request from Jari.  It may be that he comes back with a fixed
> | version of his package.  I think I add this to my list and maintain it
> | myself if he doesn't respond until the weekend.  Or you may ask Reini,
> | he has also lot of packages, but he wants to contribute this GIS stuff
> | and this needs sqlite too.  Maybe we should provide two packages,
> | sqlite2 and sqlite3, IIRC 2 & 3 versioned releases they are incompatible.

> I built sqlite-2.8.x for use in my libgda, so if you need someone for
> sqlite2 that would be pretty easy for me.  Can both be installed in
> parallel?

Yes, can both be installed. Must do it like with BDB2/3/4 then because
of the headers and import libs, but it works.  Jari replied, I sent my
pactches.  Is sqlite2 required for libgda or does it work with sqlite3
too?  If not we should skip sqlite2.

> | Or send me your READMEs?  No just kidding, I don't care much at the moment
> | if there are more or less packages.  I think we should get the stuff
> | uploaded to get some feedback from the beta testers, even if the README is
> | missing.

> Before you upload, let me go through the packages and see what's needed.
> ~ I've already run tests on GConf and gnome-vfs by building their perl
> modules, and it looks like something's missing; I'm building GConf from
> your source now to figure it out, and while I'm at it I'll fix a few
> things so that it'll be ready to post.

> BTW, I think those packages whose libs are versioned 2 or 2.0 should
> also be numbered with a '2' (i.e. libbonobo(ui)2, GConf2, gnome-vfs2,
> libgnome(ui)2).  Notice I've done this with libglade and libgnomecanvas,
> but not libwnck (which is libwnck-1), and I believe there's precedent in
> the linux distros for this.

Yes, ok, will do so.


> | I'll try that.  The nautilus problem is known, just no idea yet what to do
> | about the XKB errors.

> Haven't yet got that far.

Nautilus 2.4 was different, they use now gnome-vfs stuff to get the
available mounts, probably the fix needs to be placed in gnome-vfs.


> | I just step through the list provided at the GNOME website, I've arrived
> | at bug-buddy, so it is time to put some stuff up, now as the users may
> | submit bugs to the tracker;)

> Let's make sure that any bugs are in GNOME and not in what we've done first.

We don't introduce bugs, do we?


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