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RE: Possible bug with generic build script.

> On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >
> > > You're right, it *is* broken.  It was never intended to be used with
> > > subdirectories, so I never tested it.  I'll try to come up with a way
> > > of accomodating subdirs shortly.
> In fact, it shouldn't've worked with wildcards either, the way it was
> written...  Oops.  The new patch should fix it, though -- still waiting on
> the confirmation.

The patch fixes my specific wild card case.

> > I use tar when I need to do that, in my locally-modified gbs's.
> > Something like this:
> >
> > (cd theDocDirInSrcTree; tar cf aSubDir |\
> >    tar -C ${instdir}${prefix}/share/doc/${PKG}-${VER} -xvf -)
> >
> > repeat as needed, or use a filelist of some kind instead of aSubDir.
> Hey, neat.  This won't be needed if the filename is a wildcard, but if
> it's just a directory name, this could be useful.  I'm wondering whether
> to require people to explicitly specify wildcards (which will make the
> code clearer anyway), or to allow the use of directory names...  IOW,
> 'aSubDir/*' vs. 'aSubDir'...  I suppose if the tree at aSubDir is more
> than one level deep...

In cyrus-sasl there was two cases I wanted, one where the copying of files
in a wildcard/specified fashion occurred in a way which the resultant
directory structure matched the source and the other where the resultant
directory structure was flattened.  The current patch works for wildcards
aiming into a single target directory.

Gareth Pearce

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