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Re: avoiding a huge Cygwin patch wrote:

I want to add PDF and HTML user manuals (about 250 KB and 160 KB,
respectively) into the unison package.  The manuals are available for
download at the upstream site, but they aren't included in the package
source archive.  This creates two problems:

(1) It will cause the gbs to create an enormous patch file, containing
all of the PDF and HTML manuals in it.
(2) The PDF includes some binary data.  I've never tried to use diff and
patch with binary data, but I'm guessing that it's asking for trouble.

So what's the best way to handle this?  Is it acceptable to copy the
manuals in after creating the source patch, thereby excluding them from
the patch?

Yes. You can add as many flags to the mkpatch() function as needed, e.g. -x 'additional-docs' when you put the documents intopp a directory called 'additional-docs'. Just make a note in the README where the documents are available, add the license for the docs (if different as the source licenses).

Maybe the best way to handle this would be a separate package with the
manuals and, if available, with the documents source in a src package.


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