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Re: Possible bug with generic build script.

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Gareth Pearce wrote:

> While I was packaging cyrus-sasl I ran into an odd issue with the installed
> documentation.  I attempted to add doc/*.html to the install_docs variable,
> this failed.  Oddly doc/*.fig worked - but there was only one doc/*.fig file
> ChangeLog* also worked, and there was only one ChangeLog file.  It looks
> like variable expansion occurs at -f ${srcdir}/$f in the for loop, which
> looks broken to me (I am not a shell expert).

You're right, it *is* broken.  It was never intended to be used with
subdirectories, so I never tested it.  I'll try to come up with a way of
accomodating subdirs shortly.

> In the end I changed the contents of install_docs to be all of the form
> ${srcdir}/<filename> and remove the ${srcdir}/ from the two lines inside the
> for loop where they are actually installed.  This fixed the problem,
> although now that I look again, I can't remember why.
> Perhaps someone with some decent shell experience can see the best solution
> here?

Thanks for the heads-up.
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