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Re: [ITP] sqlite-3.0.7

Hi Jari,

> | You shouldn't need to add to any / .in, if the
> | library is compiled by libtool it is also installed by libtool.

> I didn't see mentioned in install, so I modified the

>     install:        sqlite3 sqlite3.h
>             $(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
>             $(LTINSTALL) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
>     +       $(LTINSTALL) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/sqlite

> Should the tcl libs be installed under usr/lib/ or usr/lib/sqlite ?

I'm sorry, I thought automake is used, but I see now looking at my pacth
that I did the same.  It should work, the error you got is strange,
though I saw the same when trying to say install to /usr/lib.

> | Should I send you my sqlite patches?

> Sure, that'd help.

I configured with:
  ${srcdir}/configure \
  --srcdir=${srcdir} --prefix=/usr \
  --exec-prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc \
  --libdir=/usr/lib --includedir=/usr/include \
  --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info \
  --libexecdir=/usr/sbin --localstatedir=/var \
  --datadir=/usr/share --disable-static --enable-tempstore \
  --enable-threadsafe --with-tcl=/usr

Please enable tempstore it should be very much faster when temp tables
are hold in RAM rather than on disk.

Then called make three times:
  CFLAGS="${MY_CFLAGS}" LDFLAGS="${MY_LDFLAGS}" make tclsqlite3 && \

Though I also added to the 'all:' target, therefore
the second call is not needed if you have it already in the Mskefile.

After `make install' I run this to get the docs installed:

  mkdir -p ${instdir}${prefix}/share/doc/${BASEPKG}/doc && \
  /usr/bin/install -m 644 doc/* \
    ${instdir}${prefix}/share/doc/${BASEPKG}/doc )

Funny is, even if you say
 '$LTINSTALL $DESTDIR/usr/lib/sqlite'
the library is installed into $DESTDIR/usr/lib && ../bin, weird things
happen with this libtool...(at least with libtool-devel-1.5.10)  BTW, I
ran `autoreconf --install --verbose --force' on the sourcedirectory to
get libtool-devel version 1.5.10 installed.

Patch is attached.


Attachment: sqlite-3.0.6-cygwin.patch
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