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Re: desktop-file-utils, hicolor-icon-theme, shared-mime-info, startup-notification

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
| Works, I have it uploaded.
| I'll also upload the other packages from your ITP today.

Thanks, I see ORBit2 was updated, but as of now my mirror doesn't have
the ITP'd packages.  BTW, remember to put the GNOME stuff in it's own dir.

[Still wishing for a GNOME category, however.]

| libgnomedb not? We should wait with a release until 1.2 is out.

libgnomedb requires libgnomeui, which we didn't have until now.  When
these go 1.2 I'll be sure to update my builds.  BTW, what happened with
the sqlite ITP?  libgda can use this as a provider, so if it doesn't
have enough votes yet, +1 from me.

| I don't know, these are the next on my list, but requires CUPS?  I'll
| skip building them.

They build without libgnomecups too (remember libgnomecups itself is a
new package), and the appear to work fine hear.  I guess I'll take those.

| Alright, now we have duplicated: gail, gnome-keyring, gtk-engines,
| libgsf, vte.
| I'll do a nice spreadsheet with all packages so that this doesn't
| happens on a regular basis.  You can add them to your list if you have
| them ready, I have no READMEs written yet:-(

I have Cygwin READMEs ready for these, so you're saying that I should
take them?

| I have some minor problems, some XKB error, nautilus patch needs to be
| integrated (scans floppy drive all the time), cannot open files or
| launch applications from nautilus with double-click (missing
| appliocations?), besides that it looks already great, though it is
| slow at my old box.

Could you put your packages up with upset so that I could install them
with setup.exe?  It'd be a lot easier to try that way.

When you think you are ready to add these packages to the distro, I
think the priorities should be first libgnomeui and its prereqs, then
metacity, nautilus, and the basic desktop.  Other packages can come
after that.

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