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Re: gbs: not relying on ./configure --srcdir

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Schulman.Andrew wrote:

> The gbs patches keep coming...
> Problem: the --srcdir switch doesn't work in many configure scripts.  Of
> the three packages I've built, one didn't have a configure script at
> all, and in the other two the --srcdir switch didn't work as it was
> supposed to.  As a result the build step would fail.  I had to set up a
> tree of symlinks to the main source tree before I could build.

That's why I provided the utility in the packaging/templates

> Solution: give up on --srcdir, and provide a function that automatically
> creates a tree of symlinks in ${objdir} to the files in ${srcdir}.  I
> call this function stow(), after the stow(1) utility that does the same
> thing.  The patch is below.  This method is slower, because you have to
> wait while the script stows the source tree.  But it always succeeds,
> without relying on a working 'configure --srcdir'.  And I provide some
> visual feedback while you're waiting, so it doesn't seem so long.
> The stow() function as written below uses some features specific to bash
> and GNU find, xargs, and ln, but this shouldn't be a problem for Cygwin.

Ah, but gbs is a /bin/sh script, so it is a problem.

I'd suggest checking instead for the presence of in the source
archive (after prep), and if it's present, using it to create a symlink
tree in ${objdir} and run configure from there, otherwise just run
configure with the --srcdir option.
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