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Re: setup 2.431 error log file

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Patrick Jones wrote:

> I'm trying to run setup 2.431 under Windows 2000 Professional,
> installing from a local directory (not from the internet) and getting
> the following message written to var/log/setup.log -
> 19:42:24 Starting cygwin install, version 2.427
> 19:42:25 Current Directory: C:\cyginstall
> 19:42:25 Changing gid to Users
> 19:42:25 Could not open service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access
> 19:42:35 Ending cygwin install

First off, do you notice anything odd about the above numbers?  Are you
sure you're running setup 2.431?

> I have never had McAfee installed on this computer, and a look at my
> Windows Registry doesn't indicate a previous McAfee installation, as far
> as I can see. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
> Pat Jones

Well, it does say "McAfee may not be installed"... :-)

FYI, this is just an informational message, not an error.  You may safely
ignore it.  The reason for it is that McAfee has been known to cause
enough problems for Cygwin setup that setup now explicitly tries to
disable the service for the duration of the install process.  It cannot,
however, distinguish between McAfee not being present on the machine, and
McAfee service being locked against modifications, so this message is
written to the log.  If people later tell us that they have McAfee
installed and running, we'll have a possible culprit for any setup
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