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[patch] Re: setup - Display location info in download sites list


I've attached a small patch to display the location information
in the download sites list.
Please let me know your comments.


--- Igor Pechtchanski <pechtcha@...> wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Rajesh Balakrishnan wrote:

> > During setup, the location information of the download (mirror) sites
> > can be displayed too.  This will be useful for first-time users of Cygwin.
> > The location data is anyway available in the mirrors.lst.

> > I can try to provide a patch for the same.

> > A sample display, of the "Choose a download site", could be
> >  (Europe; Denmark)
> >  (North America; Virginia)

> > What are your thoughts/suggestions?
> Rajesh,
> Now that setup is resizeable, I'd say go for it.
> 	Igor

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2004-10-12  Rajesh Balakrishnan  <>

	* (site_list_type::init): Extract location information,
	append to displayed_url.
	(get_site_list): Create newsite from whole site information,
	not just from the url.

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