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Re: desktop-file-utils, hicolor-icon-theme, shared-mime-info, startup-notification

Hello Yaakov,

Am Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2004 um 04:28 schriebst du:

> Hash: SHA1

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> | I nearly have it all compiled now, still missing the READMEs though.
> | The desktop is running, but I need to use my modified ORBit2 build to
> | get non crashing executables.

> I tried ORBit2 again with libtool-1.5.10 w/o your patches, and it still
> wouldn't work; so I used your patch and made packages, could you test them?


> If they work for you, they can be uploaded as current packages; the
> setup.hint files should be uploaded too, as it's now dependent on
> libintl3 and minires.

Works, I have it uploaded.

I'll also upload the other packages from your ITP today.


> Again, libIDL does NOT need to be updated; the only change in 0.8.4 is
> to fix the underquoting in libIDL.m4, and I rolled this patch in 0.8.3-2.

> In addition, I already have built the following for GNOME 2.8 (besides
> the pending ITPs), although not everything is uploaded yet:

> gail
> gnome-keyring
> gnome-themes
> gtk-engines  (this should really be called gtk2-engines, since the 1.2
> ~              and 2.x engines install in parallel)
> gtkglext
> libgda2  (1.0.6; there will soon be a 1.2.0)

libgnomedb not?  We should wait with a release until 1.2 is out.

> libgnomeprint22 (w/o libgnomecups, would it even work on Cygwin?)
> libgnomeprintui22

I don't know, these are the next on my list, but requires CUPS?  I'll
skip building them.

> libgsf
> libgtkhtml2
> librsvg2
> scrollkeeper
> vte

> Plus, a few other packages not part of the official GNOME project:

> diacanvas2
> gtk-server
> gtkspell
> mdbtools

> Then the bindings:

> C++ (stable branch):  libsigc++ (1.2 and 2.0), glibmm24, gtkmm24,
> libglademm24 libgnomecanvasmm26, libxml++26.

> perl:  Glib, Gnome2-Canvas, Gnome2-Print, Gnome2-Rsvg, Gnome2-Vte,
> Gnome2-Wnck, Gtk2, Gtk2-GLExt, Gtk2-GladeXML, Gtk2-Html2, Gtk2-Spell,
> Gtk2-TrayIcon  (I'm the gtk2-perl project's Cygwin specialist, apparently)

> python:  pygtk2, pyorbit, pygtkglext, pygtkspell

> ruby:  ruby-gnome2

> tcl:  gnocl

> | Currently I'm building evolution-data-server and I have the list
> | through up to bug-buddy, next are (still a long way to the end):

> | I have gzipped the startup scripts I'm currently using, modified
> | version from cygnome: gnome-startup, extract them from the cygwin
> | root :
> <SNIP>
> | If you can run the desktop with your and my binaries too, then I
> | suggest to upload a first test release.

> So it looks like we have some more duplication of effort.  How do you
> want to divide this up so that we don't keep doing this?  And do you
> want to take all the packages up to where you're holding now, and what
> should we do with packages that we both have built?

Alright, now we have duplicated: gail, gnome-keyring, gtk-engines,
libgsf, vte.

> If you'd like to take the whole thing by yourself, by all means -- I
> could focus on bindings and some other non-core packages in that case.

I'll do a nice spreadsheet with all packages so that this doesn't
happens on a regular basis.  You can add them to your list if you have
them ready, I have no READMEs written yet:-(

> | Other testers are welcome too, of course.

> Some more help with this would be nice, as long as we are coordinated.
> There's no point in a bunch of people trying to build the same packages
> at once.

> | We should find a volunteer to maintain all the GTKmm stuff.

> As I mentioned, I've built the packages that I have the C libs for, most
> of the rest I think are still unstable (2.5 branch).

I have some minor problems, some XKB error, nautilus patch needs to be
integrated (scans floppy drive all the time), cannot open files or
launch applications from nautilus with double-click (missing
appliocations?), besides that it looks already great, though it is
slow at my old box. 


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