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Re: Pending patches for generic build script

Whatever happened to the idea of getting rid of all the extraneous &&\ crap in gbs? Was the idea rejected, or forgotten?


Charles Wilson wrote:

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

false || true

As a bonus, this construct documents that this particular line can
return a false value.

I see. Well, this does look reasonably readable... Another problem with
"set +e" that I vaguely recall reading about is that it may not always be
propagated into functions... If you're willing to test this and make sure
it always works properly, and if nobody else protests, I'll consider
patching the generic-build-script.

Yes, I've never liked the silly looking '&& \' syntax in the gbs. If propagation of 'set +e' into functions is a problem, then just have each function re-do it...

mkdirs() {( set +e cd ${topdir} rm -fr ${objdir} ${instdir} ${srcinstdir} || true mkdir -p ${objdir} mkdir -p ${instdir} mkdir -p ${srcinstdir} )}

Plus, if the shell is changed from #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash, then you don't need the subshell -- because 'pushd' is available. (Yes, I know you could do, even in sh, "CWD=`pwd`; cd ${topdir} ; .... ; cd ${CWD}" but there's another reason...)

I've noticed lately that sometimes, when launching configure from an environment where SHELL is /bin/sh (==ash), I get weird, non-deterministic errors:

"error: invalid feature name: shared"

when "--enable-shared" IS a valid feature for the package; but the error doesn't show up ALL the time. This issue is what's made me have to run (portions) of the libtool test suite over and over before releasing it, because many of the tests which fail will EVENTUALLY succeed. Or, I just configure with bash as my shell...the problem never seems to appear when using bash.

So, you could do:

set +e
mkdirs() {
  set +e
  cd ${topdir}
  rm -fr ${objdir} ${instdir} ${srcinstdir} || true
  mkdir -p ${objdir}
  mkdir -p ${instdir}
  mkdir -p ${srcinstdir}


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