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Re: [ITP] chere

with cgf's patches +1 from me.

BTW: do you want a free shell/web/ftp account on a real machine?

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 07:30:51AM -0700, Dave wrote:

As mentioned last week, here's the proper (I hope) ITP.

# chere
sdesc: "Cygwin Prompt Here context menus"
ldesc: "Shell script to manage shell here context menus for Cygwin"
category: shells utils system
requires: ash cygwin sh-utils cygutils

Links to where you can download. Just strip the zip and txt extensions that
geocities are enforcing.

It's my first package, so let me know if I'm doing things wrong.

I tried this out but I get nothing but, e.g.,

      Access is denied.

whenever I right-click on a directory and choose, e.g., "Zsh here".

I've tried both with and without rxvt.

The problem is apparently due to the fact that you're using "forward"
slashes in the path components and XP doesn't like that.  The patch
below fixes that problem.  It uses "cygpath" to figure out the locations
of the term and shell programs, which is a more robust method for
getting the right path.  I also added some double quotes to one place to
defend against directories with spaces in them.

On looking at the patch, it seems like if you adopt what I did to
SHELL_CMD and SHELL_EXE, you might want to do something similar for
TERM_CMD and TERM_EXE just for consistency.

I haven't tested this exhaustively but this gets things working for me.

Btw, I love the implementation and the extensive help.  Would you consider
adding a man page with this info at some point?

Oh, btw, a +20 from me.
Reini Urban

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