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Re: gdal, proj4, Re: libgeotiff-1.2.1-2 (sqlite, libjasper, python,libtool)

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
iODBC must not be super-duper ITP ready.
just somethink to link against, for me to test it.

and my test packages are here:

proj not. charles' package is just fine to use.
I've been using the latest version, but will leave the update that to charles. just a simple rebuild.

gdal still needs some major hackery after make, and after make install to be ready.
it still wants to produce a cyggdal-1.exe instead of a dll,
and it links against the exe then, hardcoding "cyggdal-1.exe" into the dependent binaries.
(see my libtool bug reply to charles)
Will fix this at first.

Then I will check for the other libs as requested:
  libnetcdf, libcfitsio, libgrass5,
  libmfhdf, libogdi31, libNCSEcw

MrSID is commercial. And a g++ lib.
You must build with the same g++ version, to be able to use it.

checking for G_gisinit_2 in -lgrass5... no

  They have binaries at:
  It's huge! >100MB (unzipped)
  We could persuade the developer to ITP it here.
  But the binaries must be changed to use shared libs.
  He has only static libs so far and a vast amount of dependent bins
  This is a massive disc space abuse.
  And his package layout is very intrusive also.
  I'll check that out how to improve this. At least they
  unpack into /usr/local/.

checking for ffopen in -lcfitsio... no
libcfitsio not found - FITS support disabled
checking for nc_open in -lnetcdf... no
libnetcdf not found - netCDF support disabled

  "Link conflicts have been observed with the netCDF libraries, and
  the HDF libraries ... coexistance may not be practical."
  "NetCDF support has not been built or tested on Windows"

ha! netCDF and NCSA HDF4 don't build on windows. we will see.

checking for cln_GetLayerCapabilities in -logdi31... no
checking for FMEObjects... no

  FME is a commercial translator.
  But I had it somewhere on another machine.

checking for SDreaddata in -lmfhdf... no
checking for jpc_decode in -ljasper... yes
checking for jp2_decode in -ljasper... yes
checking for pgx_decode in -ljasper... yes
checking for jp2_encode_uuid in -ljasper... no
configure: hacked JasPer version not found, GeoJP2 disabled.

*** gerrit, do you want to support this hack? this is your beast.

"You need modified JasPer library to build this driver with GeoJP2
support enabled. Modified version can be downloaded from";

Or should add it locally to my package?
Or as /usr/local optional dependency.

checking for NCScbmOpenFileView in -lNCSEcw... no
checking for Kakadu JPEG2000 support... not requested.
configure: MrSID support disabled.
checking for BSB ... enabled
checking for OGR ... enabled
checking for pg_config... /bin/pg_config
checking for PostgreSQL... yes
checking for Xerces C++... requested, but compile or link fails!

g++ -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/xercesc -o conftest conftest.cpp -L/usr/lib -lxerces-c -lpthread -ljasper -lpng -lz

Info: resolving xercesc_2_5::XMLUni::fgXercescDefaultLocale by linking to __imp___ZN11xercesc_
2_56XMLUni22fgXercescDefaultLocaleE (auto-import)

configure: error: Please correct Xerces options, or don't enable Xerces.

iODBC Driver Manager 3.52.1 configuration summary

thanks! But unfortunately I need a real libodbc which defines SQLConnect(). > unixODBC or freetds? Maybe it's possible to use the odbc library from mingw/w32api. Just have to fix and test it. w32api/sql.h has it. If not unixODBC seems to be what the grass folks are using for cygwin.

> What are DODS, MrSID, ECW, OGDI and CFITSIO for bindings?

MrSID see above.
The rest later. ECW, OGDI and CFITSIO seem to be easy.

* DODS is in OPeNDAP 3.4
Just netCDF (also included there) causes trouble.

* OGDI is a network enabled protocol for access raster and vector GIS data respositories in a format neutral manner.
Should build OOTB

>Oracle support would be nice, do you have Oracle handy to build an >import library and add support for this?

No, I don't have oracle. And I don't think that we should support it.
Maybe only by an optional run-time dlopen check, as done with proj4.

PS: Maybe we can persuade someone from freegis to take over the packages once we made them ready.
E.g. Jan-Oliver Wagner wanted it.
They even produced a FreeGIS-CD last year. (linux only)
"It contains e.g. GRASS, MapServer, gdal, PROJ, GLOBE and the simple viewer Thuban. With Frida now a detailed street map of a german city (Osnabrück) is included."

Reini Urban

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