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Re: pre-ITP: New category Gis?

Charles Wilson wrote:
I plan to ITP the following GIS packages in the next days.
Have to wait for some postgresql decisions upstream.

proj (but maybe Charles wants to keep his ITP)
gdal (includes libgeotiff, ogr and a python lib)

Wait. Does gdal include libgeotiff internally, or does it install the
    the gdal library itself: cyggdal-X.dll

actual libgeotiff DLL?
and simply depend on that?

I know the gdal source tree includes the geotiff source tree; that's a separate issue.

If the former, then you'd also need a separate geotiff ITP (and then your gdal build could have the choice of using the external geotiff, or its own compiled-in geotiff). If the latter...ick. I don't like that at all.

I think I'd prefer to keep my ITP for proj (and libgeotiff; if there's no conflict between gdal using its own internal version, even with a separate libgeotiff package installed on the same machine), but I've been waiting for the hubbub to die down. (FYI: I work in a related field, although not primarily focused on the open standards surrounding GIS).

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