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Re: [PACKAGE UPDATE] ccdoc-0-8.41-2

On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 11:40:37AM -0700, Joe Linoff wrote:
>I am happy to. To avoid my cygwin-apps fiasco I need your help. Should 
>the announcement look something like this?
>  Subject: Updated: ccdoc-0.8.41
>  An updated version of ccdoc has been released with a number of bug 
>fixes. For more details about the
>  release see
>It is my understanding that one of the moderators will then inspect this 
>message and prepend [ANNOUNCEMENT] to the subject.

That looks ok.

These days, I don't spend a lot of time trying to parse the message for
accuracy.  I normally just approve the message if it isn't spam and it
isn't a message from some hapless user who thinks cygwin-announce is
the place to send questions.

A couple of hints:

If you can, you might want to obfuscate your From address so that people
won't contact you personally.  We used to use as the
 From address but that's blocked since spammers seem to insist on using

Please include the unsubscribe information from, e.g.,

at the bottom of your message.  You could include info from the rest of
this message if you were so inclined, too, but that's not a requirement.


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