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Re: update - ccdoc 08.41 is ready for experimentation

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 07:33:50PM -0700, Joe Linoff wrote:

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 04:06:21PM -0700, Joe Linoff wrote:

I am afraid that I am not sure what you mean by beta-test but I don't think that the program needs to be tested at all.

Any reason for sending this multiple times?

What everyone seems to be missing is this:

ccdoc is already part of the distribution.

That's what I mean by "beta test".  I don't understand why you'd send a
"ready for experimentation" message here.  Do you see any other messages
like that in this mailing list?

No, but the setup.html specifically refers to "experimentation" in step 9 of the "submitting a package" guidelines.

That was a poor choice of words (it was probably mine) but it wasn't referring to cygwin-apps, anyway.

I'm thoroughly confused.  You are the package maintainer but you, and
everyone else are treating this like a new experience.

It is a new experience, sort of.  This time I tried to the follow the
http::// instructions as closely as possible.  In
doing so, I ran across a number of things that appeared different than
last time:

1. Version number appeared to be <major>.<minor>.

The page says:

"Package naming scheme: use the vendor's version plus a release suffix
for ports of existing packages..."

No one is forcing you to do make it <major>.<minor>.  There are a
number of examples of packages which are more than just <major>.<minor>
but a really obvious one is the cygwin DLL itself.

I can see that now.

2. The patch file was supposed to be hard coded to /usr/src/foo-vendor-release.patch.

There are two patch methods and I don't believe that they have changed substantially in years.

I am sure that you are right. I saw the two different patch methods but I thought that the documentation said that the preferred method was to that "this file should extract as: /usr/src/...". I interpreted that to mean a hard-coded reference in the tarfile.

When I re-submitted this request as an update, I changed the patch so that it used the old method.

3. Binary release files went to /usr/share/man and /usr/share/doc.

I think that is where I got into trouble.

It sounds like where you really got into trouble was not following the discussion about packages that has gone on since you last submitted ccdoc. As a package maintainer, you should be subscribed to cygwin-apps and you should be at least monitoring discussions about changes to package conventions (like moving from /usr/man to /usr/share/man). None of this should be a surprise.

You are correct. I will be more vigilant in the future. Thanks for pointing this out.


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