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Re: update - ccdoc 08.41 is ready for experimentation

Reini Urban wrote:

Reini Urban schrieb:

You need a subject like: "[ITP] ccdoc 08.41"

Why this funny version number?
It should be called "ccdoc-0.8.41" imho.
Or if MAJOR is 8 leave the 0 away => ccdoc-8.41
This is irritating.

Thanks for the insight.

I would strongly prefer ccdoc-0.8.41 but the cygwin documentation seemed to state that it required two numbers. Since it sounds like it is allowed, I will change it to 0.8.41 and re-submit it tomorrow.

BTW: This is the longest -h message I've ever seen.
Was the intent to make "ccdoc -h" be longer then "man ccdoc" :)
Just joking.

I just love typing...

And then a sentence in which you state that you want to maintain this cygwin package. The reviewers will point to problems in your packaging or licensing.

"upload" is reserved for packages which already got their 3 positive reviews and one GTG (good to go).

err, "update", you know what I mean.

ok, to the review: binary package looks fine.

src package has /usr/src/ccdoc-08.41-1.patch hardcoded,
which may not be! even if it's empty.
The rest is simple, but okay.

I like this much better and will do it tomorrow. I don't like hardcoded paths in tarfiles.

It might be helpful to update the because it seemed to indicate that the preferred method is to hard code the patch to /usr/src/foo-vendor-release.patch. See paragraph 4 (or so) in the "Method One" subsection under the "Package Source" section.

Please just remove the patch file from this path. You might want to add this empty ccdoc-08.41-1.patch to topdir. but then you have to call tar cfj differently.

Okay. I will add the patch to ccdoc-0.8.41-#/CYGWIN-PATCHES/ccdoc-0.8.41-#.patch where # is either 1 or 2 depending on whether the name change from ccdoc-08.41 to ccdoc-0.8.41 affects things.

With these fixes +1 and GTG.

It sounds like the new release should be ccdoc-0.8.42-2 even though the name changed.

Thanks for taking the time to review this. I will make the changes and re-submit it tomorrow with the ITP designation.

At least I have now a full cygwin class documentation:
$ cd /usr/src
$ ccdoc -db /tmp/ccdoc.db -pkg Cygwin src/winsup/cygwin/*.h
$ ccdoc -db /tmp/ccdoc.db -index
$ mkdir -p cygwin-ccdocs/images # required
$ ccdoc -db /tmp/ccdoc.db -html cygwin-ccdocs/ -imgurl images/ -root winsup -rooturl winsup.html

Wow, you are a quick study...

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