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Re: update - ccdoc 08.41 is ready for experimentation

Should I re-submit this with the ITP designation?

Reini Urban wrote:

Joe Linoff schrieb:

I am afraid that I am not sure what you mean by beta-test but I don't think that the program needs to be tested at all.

This version of ccdoc has been released to sourceforge and is already in the public domain.

The reason I submitted it to this group for approval was because I was bit confused by the cygwin submission documentation and wasn't sure whether I got the directory structures right in the tar files. Here is the directory structure for the binary release (ccdoc-08.41-1.tar.bz2):


I apologize in advance if this was not the correct forum for this type of verification. If that is the case, can you point me in the right direction?

packaging looks perfect to me, just your wording was irritating.

You need a subject like: "[ITP] ccdoc 08.41"
And then a sentence in which you state that you want to maintain this cygwin package. The reviewers will point to problems in your packaging or licensing.

"upload" is reserved for packages which already got their 3 positive reviews and one GTG (good to go).

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 02:40:32PM -0700, Joe Linoff wrote:

ccdoc 08.41 is ready for experimentation

The distribution can be uploaded from:

This isn't a beta testing list.  Are you saying that this is ready for
upload to the main cygwin site?

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