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Re: update - ccdoc 08.41 is ready for experimentation

Joe Linoff wrote:

I am afraid that I am not sure what you mean by beta-test but I don't think that the program needs to be tested at all.

This version of ccdoc has been released to sourceforge and is already in the public domain.

The reason I submitted it to this group for approval was because I was bit confused by the cygwin submission documentation and wasn't sure whether I got the directory structures right in the tar files. Here is the directory structure for the binary release (ccdoc-08.41-1.tar.bz2):

Usually we make it clear in the message subject that we want to prpose a package for inclusion, this is called 'ITP'. 'Update is used if an already included package is updated and is ready for upload. I think from your subject it wasn't clear what you want, update an existing package as test release, offer to maintain a new package, or complete different at all.

If this was an ITP, the package gets +1 vote from me.

Someone needs to do the review, please! I'm busy right now, sorry.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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