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Re: GNOME - startup scripts needed

Hello Yaakov,

>> "As with GNOME 2.6, you must define the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment
>> variable to the path at which your MIME database is installed, for
>> instance <prefix>/share."
>> Now I thought that things like this need to be handled, and probably
>> the best would be to do such initial settings in the startup scripts
>> which are starting X / GNOME.
>> However I'm not an experienced Linux / GNOME user and have no idea
>> what else needs to be in such a script.  Do I start any of the
>> daemons, or is it just enough to start the GNOME window manager?
>> You get the picture, what I'm really looking for is a package with
>> gnome-start-scripts in the style like the X startup-scripts to enable
>> the start from the shell (.sh) script and to enable starting from
>> explorer (.bat) windows shell via double click without ever opening a
>> Cygwin shell.  "Cygwin? What is this good for? Wanna run GNOME!"

> Did you look at the BLFS book?  From what I can tell, it looks like they
> just add "exec metacity" and "exec gnome-session" to ~/.xinitrc and run
> startx.  The entries for shared-mime-info and gnome-mime-data don't 
> mention setting any environment variables.  But then again, I've never
> tried, so I wouldn't know for sure.

I'll try that.

> BTW, any luck with libbonobo/GConf/VFS?  Can we proceed with the 
> existing ORBit2 port until we make sure that the changes we're making
> are correct?  And BTW, I have a number of packages stalled in ITP from
> 29 Sept (in 2 emails); apparently once again I've struck on a lack of
> interest for these (admittedly not fascinating but) necessary GNOME prereqs.

It seems that the changes I made for ORBit werte sufficient to get it
to produce non crashing binaries.  I need to build some more of the
base packages (currently running the vte build), then I'll start
testing.  I think the idl-compiler njeeds to be patched to produce
code for running executables.

> I'll be busy now until next week; I'm uprading computers after the 
> weekend and hope to be up and running sometime Monday or so.  I plan to
> catch up on everything then ASAP, and in the meantime I hope you manage
> to get your packages figured out.  We still have a LOT of work to do.

I have all my current builds uploaded (including the patched ORBit and
also newer libIDL packages):

These together with the GNOME packages from your latest two ITP are
the GNOME desktop (well, as noted above, there are still some base
packages missing).


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