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Re: [ITP] mhash-0.9.1-1

I want to take over and maintain the cygwin version of mhash-0.9.1
It was probably just an oversight, because their DLL building instructions are from the CYGWIN FAQ, just wrongly applied.
Builds out of the box after removing the mingw stuff.

I want to package it as single version (no mhash-devel), because both are very small.
Will be ready for review tommorrow.

well, today actually.

wget -q -O - | sh


Files included in the binary distribution:

  /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/mhash-0.9.1.README (this file)


Port Notes:

----- version mhash-0.9.1-1 -----

Maintainer change. Fixed to be mingw independent. All tests PASS.

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