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Re: Package Proposal: Xcoral

thanks for the tip. I will try that today. Also, thanks for the vote :)

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"Gerrit P. Haase" <>
10/04/04 10:21 PM
Please respond to "Gerrit @ cygwin-apps"
        To:     "Charles R. Hardnett" <>
        Subject:        Re: Package Proposal: Xcoral

Hello Charles,

> I would like to maintain the xcoral package. The source is found at

+1 vote from me.

> The port has been done, but I am having one trouble with the package
> creation. To make the port, I had to move files to a different 
> For example "control.h" was moved to "lowercase/control.h" to avoid the
> name conflict with "Control.h". This means that the diff will not create
> an accurate patch since the filenames have been changed. How would I go
> about making a patch in this case? 

Use managed mounts to avoid renaming.

export CWD=`pwd`
mkdir xcoral-1.2.3
mount -o managed `cygpath -m $CWD` $CWD/xcoral

extract xcoral-1.2.3.tar.gz and build like you would build it on Unix

> Other than that, the package is ready. 
> #Xcoral setup
> category: Editors Text
> requires: cygwin xlib
> sdesc: "A x-windows based text editor"
> ldesc: "A x-windows based text editor"
> test: 3.42b 
> Thanks, 


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