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Re: [ITP] chere

Dave schrieb:
Recent traffic in the main mailing list indicated a package to manage Cygwin
Prompt Here functionality would be appreciated.

I propose contributing (and maintaining) a shell script to do this. See the
attached script for my initial version. It works as advertised on my W2K box,
installing and uninstalling a Bash/Rxvt context menu.

Cannot you think of a better name than "chere"? I would favor "CygwinPromptHere". If so +1 and GTG from me. Note: This is for dummies. "chere" looks a package for experienced users.

It needs some work, and input from term/shell maintainers on appropriate startup
incantations. I'd welcome any comments and feedback.

rurban@reini /usr/src $ chere /bin/chere Error: Unknown terminal Supported terminals: cmd rxvt xterm

well, maybe add some notes for the required -t and -s switches,
or add -h hint

Is this going in the right direction? Has someone got a more appropriate
solution in the wings (I'm aware of Gerrits and a few other implementations)? Am
I wasting my time?

This is the best I saw so far. :) Even an uninstaller! -- Reini Urban

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