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Re: PATCH: generic-build-script: Make output of depend functionunique

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Lapo Luchini wrote:

> Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
> >    (cd ${instdir} && \
> >    find ${instdir} -name "*.exe" -o -name "*.dll" | xargs cygcheck | \
> >    sed -e '/\.exe/d' -e 's,\\,/,g' | sort -bu | xargs -n1 cygpath -u \
> > -  | xargs cygcheck -f | sed 's%^%  %' ; \
> > +  | xargs cygcheck -f | sed 's%^%  %' | uniq ; \
> >    true )
> >  }
> Wouldn't the last "uniq" better be a "sort -u" instead?
> Files are sorted after the first "sed", that's true: but they get sorted
> by file name, while in the following passage we extract package name
> which contains those files: who assures us that the package list is
> already sorted?
> I guess this is true in "most of the cases" (where the package name is
> the same as the file name), or is there an "implied" sort that I didn't
> catch?
> Lapo

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.  Technically, "cygcheck -f" *will*
sort the packages for all files specified on the command line, but just in
case xargs decides to split the file list across multiple command lines, a
"sort -u" would definitely be safer.
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