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Re: libtoolized some older libs

Reini Urban wrote:

Just a libtool fake.
The deal is that that is a problem for libtoolized packages, when they don't pick up cygssl*, instead they link statically to libssl.a.
It needs some hackery to persuade them to pick up the dynamic version there.

for f in /usr/bin/*.dll; do \
    cygcheck $f | egrep "cygssl(-0.9.7)?.dll" && echo $f; done
=> postgresql, svn, openldap, neon, curl

There is a reason, actually, for choosing the static version of a security/encryption library: it prevents spoofing the library by replacing the DLL. But that's neither here nor there.

And Geritt is correct about the linker behavior: it automatically chooses .dll.a (the import lib) when given -lfoo. The only way to get libfoo.a is to use the -static flag when linking (or ld -Bstatic), or to explicitly list "libfoo.a" as a dependency instead of "-lfoo".

If your package is doing the latter, I don't think it's a libtool behavior. It sounds more like a problem.


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