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my mantained packages

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Just a little table to set things straight in my mind (work to do,
work not to do, time available...)

    pkg    latest    priority
gmp    4.1.2    4.1.4    4.1.3 ready, check 4.1.4 upgrade
libungif4.1.0    4.1.3    I guess it's time for giflib (withuot "un")
par    1.52    1.52    -
rsync    2.6.2    2.6.3pr    test the nightly
tidy    030901    040916    myriad of small changes
ucl    1.01    1.03    some Win64 fixes
upx    1.24    1.25    security fix

*par: nothing to see here, no new version available

*rsync: last stable version + patches was just uploaded; will try the
nightly this night (ihih), as the new release is *very* close (high

*ucl: changes from 1.01 to 1.03 only list "better Win64 support" and
some "better use of autoconf" (I'd consider this "low priority" if
anyone has got no better reason to package it up first)

*upx: the website talks abuot a generic "security fix", but fails to
talk in which version, where, what caused... I will consider this
medium priority

*gmp: thanks to Gerrit's work 4.1.3 could be released.. almost right
now; but upstream there's 4.1.4 out, already (medium/high prioriry)

*tidy: no changelog exists, only myriad of ilttle changes; I had
stopped producing packages a while ago because the website said they
were going in a transitory phase, and it was not so stable; this is no
longer true and I will do a package soon (medium priority)

*libungif: upstream work on it began again, I tried to to a pkg before
summer, but with lack of time (and a bit of lack of will too) delayed
it. now it seems it has more sense to package giflib directly.
actually I need nor use use no longer this program, so I consider this
low priority, which means that I *will* package it, but after all the
other packages are ready

If someone feel my priority list is wrong, please let me know: if some
package is more important that I think it is, I'll be gladly pkg in up

Intentions/feelings for the (medium/far) future: pick up some more
crypto-oriented package, searching a substitute mantainer for libungif

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