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Re: gnome 2.8.0 and external dependencies

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 03:34:38 +0200, Gerrit P. Haase <> wrote:

> > Only libbonobo requires ORBit2; the others could be updated as soon as
> > they're ready.  gtk+ is currently 2.4.10, after a number of bugfixes
> > since our 2.4.4.  More noticably, atk and pango versions have been
> > bumped, and I know that libgnomeprint-2.8.0 needs pango >= 1.5, so
> > updating pango will be helpful.
> Yes, I will submit them at first.

And I had just noticed another issue of gtk2: It was linked against
cygwin1.dll's setlocale(),
which is taken as problematic. 
When I run gaim-1.0.0 with it, some locale features bahave weird, e.g
the XIM server couldn't be activated.
But when I turn to the gtk2 from cygnome2, everything work fine. 

Since gtk2-x11 has something to do with x11, we can turn to XLOCALE. 
And that's the way cygnome2 does.

BTW: Yaakov, I tried to build sylpheed-claws with gdk-pixbuf  and
gtk-engines from,
everything went fine but the `pixmap' engine
couldn't be applied, as it was linked to  cyggdk_imlib-1.dll, which I
didn't find.

best regards
Yang Guilong

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