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Re: pre ITP libming layout

>>>>> Reini Urban writes:

    > I'm referring to SWF creation:
    > I patched current ming-CVS version to work correctly.
    > It is required by ploticus, useful for PHP later. ruby and java seems
    > to be broken. Making the perl lib is straightforward.

    > 1. Would you be content with a libming.a/cygming-0.dll plus the
    > headers as content of a binary package alone?

Yes, so I can replace  my rather old version of libming with an official
one :-)

    > optionally also: (debian calls it libming-util)
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/gif2dbl
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/gif2mask
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/listaction
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/listfdb
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/listjpeg
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/listswf
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/makefdb
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/png2dbl
    > usr/lib/libming/bin/swftophp

why not, if they buidl without hassle

    > Or are the various language extensions
    >    c++_ext  java_ext perl_ext php_ext py_ext rb_ext tcl_ext
    > also required/wanted?


    > 2nd related question:
    > Would you be content with a src package of a CVS snapshot?

No problem

    > 3rd question, fonts:
    > I want to add the fdb (Flash) variant of "Bitstream Vera":
    > usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans.fdb (and friends)
    > or directly into usr/share/fonts/?
    > usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/fdb doesn't seem to be right.
    > It's only used by libming.


who knows who want to use it in the future

    > There are ttf, fft and fdb variants shipping with a
    > The ttf is already in the X11 fonts.
    > Or should this go into a seperate libming-fonts package? It has a
    > seperate COPYRIGHT.TXT

seperate package I would say

    > Reini Urban


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