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pre ITP libming layout

I'm referring to SWF creation:,
I patched current ming-CVS version to work correctly.
It is required by ploticus, useful for PHP later. ruby and java seems to be broken. Making the perl lib is straightforward.

1. Would you be content with a libming.a/cygming-0.dll plus the headers as content of a binary package alone?

usr/include/ming.h					    usr/include/ming_config.h

optionally also: (debian calls it libming-util)

Or are the various language extensions
  c++_ext  java_ext perl_ext php_ext py_ext rb_ext tcl_ext
also required/wanted?

Debian seperates it into libming, libming-dev, libming-util libswf-perl, php4-ming, python-ming, ...
So the binary package is just the, plus the docs

At least I could try to produce the php extension also
(when brian is finished) and put it into
because I don't think that brian wants to maintain it, right?
The mingw postinstall or php postinstall could then install it into the correct location. Or I'll wait for brians layout and architectural decisions, and add php_ming.dll with an update later.
(I wanted a cygphp4.dll, brians wants a static libphp4.a only)
But I don't care for perl, java, python, tcl.

2nd related question:
Would you be content with a src package of a CVS snapshot?
Their last release called 0.3beta1 was febr. 2004, but this doesn't compile and work at all.
In the meantime I tried to presuade them to bring out another interim release (0.3beta2).
There happened some parsing SWF5 fixes and minor features lately.
I'm not quite content to depend in the ploticus-src package on a ming-CVS snapshot with a tricky retrieval url.
Or do you don't care? I wouldn't care.

3rd question, fonts:
I want to add the fdb (Flash) variant of "Bitstream Vera":
usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans.fdb (and friends)
or directly into usr/share/fonts/?
usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/fdb doesn't seem to be right.
It's only used by libming.

There are ttf, fft and fdb variants shipping with a
The ttf is already in the X11 fonts.
Or should this go into a seperate libming-fonts package? It has a seperate COPYRIGHT.TXT
Reini Urban

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