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[Gnome ITPs] gnome-common, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-mime-data, libgnomecanvas2,libwnck

Here's a few GNOME prereq packages and two GNOME libraries; I'd like to contribute these as well to the distro. There are some dependencies on the packages ITP'd in an earlier message.

NOTE to uploader: As previously discussed, please upload these packages into a GNOME folder (similar to X11) to avoid cluttering the release directory. Thanks!

category: Devel
requires: cygwin ash
sdesc: "Common development files for GNOME 2.x"
ldesc: "Common development files for GNOME 2.x"

category: X11
requires: hicolor-icon-theme
sdesc: "GNOME 2.x icon theme"
ldesc: "GNOME 2.x icon theme"

category: Utils
sdesc: "Base set of file types and applications for Gnome2"
ldesc: "This module contains the base MIME and Application database for
GNOME.  It is meant to be accessed through the MIME functions in GnomeVFS."

category: Libs Devel
requires: cygwin atk-runtime glib2-runtime gtk2-x11-runtime libart_lgpl libiconv2 libintl3 pango-runtime xorg-x11-base zlib
sdesc: "GNOME 2.x canvas widget"
ldesc: "The GNOME canvas is an engine for structured graphics that
offers a rich imaging model, high performance rendering, and a
powerful, high-level API. It offers a choice of two rendering
back-ends, one based on Xlib for extremely fast display, and
another based on Libart, a sophisticated, antialiased,
alpha-compositing engine. Applications have a choice between
the Xlib imaging model or a superset of the PostScript imaging
model, depending on the level of graphic sophistication

category: Libs Devel
requires: cygwin atk-runtime glib2-runtime gtk2-x11-runtime libiconv2 libintl3 pango-runtime startup-notification xorg-x11-base zlib
sdesc: "GNOME Window Navigation Construction Kit"
ldesc: "libwnck is Window Navigator Construction Kit, i.e. a library to
use for writing pagers and taskslists and stuff."


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