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[Gnome Prereq ITPs] desktop-file-utils, hicolor-icon-theme, shared-mime-info,startup-notification

These are packages listed as prereqs for the GNOME desktop; I would like to contribute them to the distro.

category: Utils
requires: cygwin glib2-runtime libiconv2 libintl3 libpopt0
sdesc: "Utilities for manipulating desktop files"
ldesc: "Utilities for manipulating desktop files.

desktop-file-validate: validates a desktop file and prints
    warnings/errors about spec violations.
desktop-file-install: installs a desktop file to the applications
    directory, optionally munging it a bit in transit.
desktop-menu-tool: loads .vfolder-info and .menu files and does stuff
    with them"

category: X11
sdesc: " icon theme spec"
ldesc: "This is the default fallback theme used by implementations of
the icon theme specification."

category: Utils
requires: cygwin glib2-runtime libiconv2 libintl3 libxml2 zlib
sdesc: "Shared MIME info database ("
ldesc: "This package contains the core database of common types and the
update-mime-database command used to extend it. It requires glib2 to be
installed for building the update command."

category: X11
requires: cygwin xorg-x11-base
sdesc: "Program startup notification library"
ldesc: "startup-notification contains a reference implementation of the
startup notification protocol. The reference implementation is mostly
under an X Window System style license, and has no special


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