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Re: [ITP] clamav-0.75.1-1 - A GPL virus scanner

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Would you check for registry keys on UNIX?

I was talking about something to be done by the "Windows-only setup" of
the application, not by the application itself, so no need to test for
in "on unix".
Something like the setup of clamwin saying: I need cygwin, but I see you
already have it, so I won't install it. (currently it not only doesnt'
detect it, but forces you to install it anyway, even in "custom"

> A less straightforward but more foolproof way would be to check
> the mount table with getmntent.  If there is no mount table then there's
> no cygwin.

Good point.

> Neither of those is going to verify if there are 27 copies of the DLL
> sitting around, though.

Maybe just searching the PATH could be even simplier, but less accurate
(cygwin don't reside in the path, by default...)

Well, in a distant future when my mind goes blank and I really really
need one of thore programs that use cygwin only as a "backend" I will
try and propose some patch to theyr installers... Move Along, There's
Nothing to See Here... (but a ranting Lapo)

Brian Dessent wrote:
> I know you were joking, but there's no need to switch away from MD5.
> [...] And it's trivial to prove that any hash has an infinite
> number of collisions.

Yes, but the diffeernce from "they exist" and "they can be calculated"
is what matters, here =)

Moreover (citing Schneier's from last Crypto-Gram) there's an old saying
inside the NSA: "Attacks always get better; they never get worse."
These techniques will continue to improve, and probably someday there
will be practical attacks based on these techniques.

Anyway I was just joking, as you said ;-)

L a p o   L u c h i n i
l a p o @ l a p o . i t
w w w . l a p o . i t /

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