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Re: [ITP] clamav-0.75.1-1 - A GPL virus scanner

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Reini Urban wrote:
>> Why do we need a windows UI?  Why isn't the *nix one sufficient?
> And then the pythonwin stuff from, which is based on
> cygwin. (they do have the cygwin src there)

If only all the "great programs out there" that use cygwin DIDN'T use a
local copy of the cygwin1.dll but at least they checked for an existing
cygwin installation from the installed itself... (the check is
straightforward I guess, ccecking the registry for the correct keys).
Maybe an "example program" that only check for CygWin installations and
lists for the installed DLLs could help convince some of them... (just
ranting - PTC: I know, I know)

OT PS: I will *soon* try and catch up with all the messages from
beginning of august till now, the-packages-I-maintain-related first, of

Way OT PS: Thuderbird is finally "up to par" with MozMail, for my
regard... just switched to it (let's hope this messages get through
correct, complete with signature ;) )

Not so much OT: shouldn't we begin to use SHA256 as a file signature
instead of MD5, gived that collisions are starting to be found? ;-)

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