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Hallo Andrew,

Am Montag, 27. September 2004 um 21:32 schriebst du:

> I want to package and maintain LablGTK2 for Cygwin.  LablGTK2 is an OCaml
> interface to GTK2.

> I posted this message a week ago, and got no response.  Maybe people are busy,
> which I understand.  OTOH if people groaned and pushed it out of their minds
> when they read about the screwy license terms below, I'd appreciate it if
> you'd take another look and tell me your opinions.  I don't think there's
> anything insurmountable there.

> My proposed unison-gtk2 package is waiting (I think) for lablgtk2 to be
> available, since I use lablgtk2 to build it.

I got problems rebuilding it with Igors shared O'Caml version.  Since
your package is linked satically against O'Caml libs it is no

I'll upload the package now, however, I would appreciate if you could
switch to using the generic-build-script, I posted the LablGTK2
package including the g-b-s earlier, just use it, please;)
there is the original source package, my pacth and the script.  Give
it a try, it is so much easier to build with the script.
Just call it several times:
./ prep
./ conf
./ build
./ install
./ pkg
./ spkg
and everything is finished. Oh, well, you may run also
./ finish
to have absolutely finished.  There are also other tasks the script
handles: 'check', 'depend', 'list', 'mkpatch', just play around with
it to get used to it.


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