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[ITP] ploticus-2.30-1

I would also like to try to contribute and maintain the cygwin-port of the ploticus package. Jari didn't respond so far. (it was one year ago)

Yes, it's a mess, so please be patient, but I tried to clean it up.
I wanted a clean layout and a home for the new prefab dir and not in /usr/lib/ploticus. Any I wanted GIF, SVG, SWF, ...

Rest attached.
Reini Urban

sdesc: "Command line plot and graph generator"
ldesc: "Command line driven tool to generates various plots and graphs
in PNG, GIF, JPEG, PS, SVG, SVGZ, SWF, clickable-maps.
Including bar diagrams, distribution histograms, lines, pie charts, 
stacked bars, scatterplots, grouped bar charts, correlation, medians etc.
License: GPL
category: Math Graphics
requires: cygwin
Runtime requirements:
  xorg-x11-bin-dlls- (runtime dep from cyggd-2.dll)
Build requirements:
  cygwin-1.5.x              or newer
  gcc-3.3.1                 or newer
  binutils-20030901         or newer
  make-3.80                 or newer
  ash-20031007              or newer
  fileutils-4.1             or newer
  sed-4.0.7                 or newer
  libming                   (from CVS, with patch, not with cygwin)
  ming-fonts                (from the ming website or from the src package)

Canonical homepage:
Canonical download:
ming stuff:


Build instructions:
  cd /usr/src
  unpack ploticus-<VERSION>-<CYGREL>-src.tar.bz2
    if you use setup to install this src package, it will be
	 unpacked under /usr/src automatically
    you'd need libming from (best from CVS)
    cvs co ming, apply CYGWIN-PATCHES/libming-flex.patch, ./; ./configure; make; make install
  ./ploticus-<VERSION>-<CYGREL>.sh prep build install strip

./ploticus-<VERSION>-<CYGREL>.sh all will create:

Or use './ploticus-<VERSION>-<CYGREL>.sh prep' to get a patched source directory 


Files included in ploticus:

  /usr/share/doc/ploticus-2.30-1/gallery/* 	(samples from pl230gal)
  /usr/share/doc/ploticus-2.30-1/doc/* 		(website from pl230docs)
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-B-I.fdb (for SWF)
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-B.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-I.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans-B-I.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans-B.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans-I.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans.fdb  (the default)
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Serif-B.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Serif.fdb
  /usr/share/ploticus/*.pl (prefab ploticus scripts, not perl!)
  /usr/share/ploticus/GraphPopups.js (additional SVG javascript hooks)


Port Notes:

----- version ploticus-2.30-1 -----

Initial release

ploticus is now four years old, and still has no configure script,
Makefile has to be handtuned, no support for external gd, no test target, ...
In short: in a worse shape than libgd < 1.8

I cleaned up the mess, and added support for GIF, SVG, SVGZ (all
dynamic cyg*.dll) and SWF (static libming.a), besides the usual PNG,

We use our own graphic libs, like libgd, with GIF support.
I cleaned that up to use our own dynamic graphic libs, like libgd, with GIF support.
Compile-time PREFABS_DIR (or also run-time $PLOTICUS_PREFABS) is enabled, 
and changed from the suggested /usr/lib/ploticus to  /usr/share/ploticus
Hardcoded the default PREFABS_DIR to /usr/share/ploticus (may be overridden by $PLOTICUS_PREFABS)
Hardcoded the SWF default font path to /usr/share/fonts/fdb/
I also added a default SWF font "Bitstream Vera Sans" at /usr/share/fonts/fdb/,
taken from the libming ming-fonts package.
Hardcoded this "Bitstream Vera Sans" as default SWF font, instead of Arial.
added libploticus.a target.

Cygwin port maintained by: Reini Urban <>

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