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Please upload: man-1.5o-1


Please upload at your earliest convinience

-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

mkdir man

cd man
-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

Man, apropos and whatis.


Please remove the following lines from /usr/share/misc/man.conf or copy 
/usr/share/misc/man.conf.default to /usr/share/misc/man.conf as these 
directives are not supported with the latest man:
JNROFF          LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 /usr/bin/groff -Tnippon -mandocj
KNROFF          /usr/bin/groff -Tkorean -mandoc
JNEQN           /usr/bin/eqn -Tnippon
KNEQN           /usr/bin/eqn -Tkorean

- Update to latest upstream release
- makewhatis -s patch made it upstream
- Patch for displaying man pages with :: in their filenames made it upstream
- Fixed postinstall script:
  Added chmod 644 ${datadir}/misc/man.conf
- Additions for makewhatis man page
- Added -s sections to output for makewhatis -h
- Changed reference for man.config to man.conf in various man pages
- Problem reported by Hannu E K Nevalainen is fixed
  See also:


man NEWS:


- Polish messages, non-dummy codesets (Jakub Bogusz <>)
- CYGWIN fix for perl manpages (with :: in filename)
- Fix for certain awk versions in mansec (NISHIMURA Daisuke)
- When asked for a nonexisting page in section 1p, do not also try section 1


- Added "0p 1p 3p" in sections string
- Added mess.??.codeset (with dummy content)
- No funny Russian messages
- man2html: handle .so with trailing whitespace
- replace -grepsilent by >/dev/null 2>/dev/null

More details about the individuell bugs can be found under the URL

where XXXXX represents the numeric bug id.

* Sun Aug 1 2004 Alan Cox <>
- Fix requirements (#126601)

* Wed Mar 31 2004 Adrian Havill <> 1.5m2-6
- reorder MANSECT so that normal pages (with translations) take
  precedence over the English-only POSIX pages (#119554)

* Fri Mar 12 2004 Adrian Havill <> 1.5m2-4
- direct nroff stderr to /dev/null so no broken pipe err msgs appear
  when the user quits an error page prior to the full display (#117463)
- removed bogus whatis search-n-destroy trigger (#117961)
- don't complain about no lang resource when lang is C/POSIX (#108934)

* Mon Feb 09 2004 Adrian Havill <> 1.5m2-2
- add all locale man pages
- convert all msgs and manpages to utf-8
- downconvert via transliteration C locale man pages just in case
- patch #3, #8, #10, #17, #29, #31 no longer needed-- made it upstream
- patch #9, #14 and #19 now superfluous-- strs already termed and len checked
- disable patch #22: defer cat creation to existence of dir, not conf directive
- patch #32 mostly merged upstream. Keep the "-a" in grep though so all
  locales' grep see man pages as text not binary (patch 37)
- iconv patch no longer needed now that utf-8-to-legacy conversion is not
- patch #52 and #53 not needed: CJK all point to nroff instead of groff, let
  the nroff script decide, based on the charset of the environment and/or the
  charset of the man page, as to what parameters to pass to groff (and
  whether iconv preprocessing is necessary)
- the string "NROFF_OLD_CHARSET", if present in the man.config for the NROFF
  path, will now be replaced by the old character set so that nroff can figure
  out what the character set/encoding is
- fix man to reflect status codes returned by forked child processes (#115204)
- lots of makewhatis changes: re-add custom rh client stuff (/usr/bin vs
  /usr/sbin), -o option, /var/cache/man, utf-8 verification, convert the
  encoding spaghetti in the makewhatis awk script to UTF-8, identify languages
  in comments


- Greek man pages and messages
- makewhatis fix


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