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Re: Pre-ITP: apache/mod_php

Reini Urban wrote:

> no please, this will not work. cygphp4.dll must be in /usr/bin/
> that must be the reason why some of your extensions didn't work.

Ugh.  Well that's not the reason for the modules failing, as I said I
tried adding /usr/lib/apache to $PATH with no change.  However, if the
CLI binary is linked against cygphp4.dll then it needs to be in the
path, that I agree with.

> mod_php4.dll could go to /usr/lib/apache/
> cygphp4.dll is also required by all other sapi modules:
> php-cli.exe, php-cgi.exe, the libhttpd php sapi module, ...

I guess I need to look at the build again because I don't see the
mod_php4.dll / cygphp4.dll division occuring - it's all in cygphp4.dll.

> ok. but please don't forget the cli also. the cli is very good to catch
> errors, very useful for quick-n-dirty scripting, and it is required for
> pear to work.

Well that does bring up an interesting point.  If the apache-mod_php4
package contains cygphp4.dll then the php4-cli package would require
apache-mod_php4 as well as apache.  I.e. there'd be no way to just run
the CLI php without apache and the module.  Arg.  So am I going to need
an additional "php4-common" that's brought in by both "php4-cli" and
"apache-mod_php4" so that they don't require each other?  *goes to check
how Debian does it*


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